The most accurate move.

Sep 14, 2015, 1:39 PM |

Attention:  I am only a novice of chess.  I don't have professional back-up.  I only make my blogs based on my experience and based on a bit of common sense to help out.  Please feel free to correct me where I am wrong, and I would be happy to read each and every comment.  I would greatly appreciate it.  With that cleared up...


When you are close to ending the game with checkmate or you are about to make a sacrifice, it is essential and necessary to make your moves to the most accurate manner possible.  In this game I recently played, is a case in point.  However, I shall analyze the whole game. If you wish to see the spot in the game where it demonstrates the theme of having extreme accuracy, please scroll through my annotations until you find the words "MAIN POINT HERE" in capital letters.