My best attacking efforts(July)

Jul 20, 2011, 10:38 AM |

Before we get to the post, I am going to introduce how my blog works, every months, I have the best categories for my games and other things etc.. I am planning to divide it into the following categories:

1.Classic miniatures (Fast finishes in the opening)

2.Best Attacking games

3.Best Defensive games

4.Best Strategy&Positional games

5.Best Endgames

and last but not least

6.My Worst Blunders :D

Sorry they might not be as great as I think but I'm just one weak patzer that want to work my way up to 1700 at least Cry I may have other additional posts not in those categories

  Don't be shy, and I'm begging you to comment. Wink This is a few games that I am satisfied with the attack, even though some games it did not finish well. To be honest, I am quite satisfied with this months 1300 to high 1500 rating raise. (Shows how fast you can improve)

 Here they are: 

The second game was posted in the forum already, I will add this one to the list, but this one, I had an execellent attack, but a poor finish.

And the last one, in my opinion the last one isn't really the "best" I played this month, but it's a good one I found (Well, sorry if it's too poor for you, but I am only this level Cry)