My Second OTB Tournament

Jul 31, 2011, 3:33 PM |

With a disappointing 8th in the last tournament, I strived for better in this second one. The open section of the AAA Scholastics Tournament contained only 12 players, but was a tougher competition than last time. To be honest,  I don't like Swiss but it's still fun. 5 rounds with all that tiebreaker is just .... though

In the first game, I encountered the previous runner-up, and was met by a Sicilian Najdorf..


With a loss, I began to get a little worried about what might happen, and went into the second game.
With two losses, I gave up any hope of first place, and tried to win what's left, although a bit disappointed, I will never reach the point of just quitting (Even if I lose 4, I will still play the 5th with all I got Wink
I was able to pull off a win finally and keep some hopes of getting top 3 alive, but my opponent's last move bothered me a little.
After Game 4, I was able to pull off  2 points and was 5th in the standings, I hoped one more win will rise me to 3rd place.
I was able to finish with 5th place and my rating rised 60 points after this, it's been rather slow but I can wait patiently. 
Enjoy! And please comment on the games, if you can point out mistakes and better moves or find other blunders please comment ;) Thank you.