Being a parent

Oct 4, 2014, 3:39 AM |

Let me ask you a question. Which is more difficult to become? A father or a mother? Answer is in this incident which happened with me 1.5 years ago.

‘Father will be at home around 8 PM’, my sister said as she hung up the phone. Hovering my fingers over the tv remote I asked about mother. She said ‘she’ll stay with brother in the hospital as there need to be someone to take care of him’. I was changing from one channel to another; I don’t know what made me doing that, why I was so restless? May be, seeing my mother cry in front of me when my brother was brought out of the operation theatre. I switched to a sports channel and stuck my eyes in to it making me forget the happenings of past few days.

*Someone bangs on the main door with force*

‘didi, father arrived’ I said to my sister. Well, yeah that’s how my father makes feel his presence at the door in spite of using the bell. I opened the door. He was normal, that’s what his body language said. He took shower and lied on the bed in our living room in the usual manner. Lying On his stomach, with forehead on the left hand, mostly covering his eyes. My fingers automatically went to the power button on the remote and I switched the idiot box off. My sister came and sat adjacent to me on the couch. I was looking at my sister and she was looking at me with question mark on our faces. I said in sign language to her ‘what happened to father?’ she shrugged as she always do. I was in a dee………..eeep thought when I heard someone crying. I looked at my sister. Shockingly she wasn’t crying. All the hell broke when I heard my dad cry. I mean when my mother was crying in the hospital I didn’t know how to react and seeing my dad cry was very strange. I was still question marked. My sister indeed. Honestly, I could see my hand, my leg getting cut totally but seeing my dad cry, the pain is intolerable. For the past 20-21 years I never saw him crying. He went through all the thorns of life but he never shed a tear. I asked my sister to make him talk with my mother over the phone and then I ran outside thanking god for the rain that night as it helped to hide my tears. With the company of one of my best buddies, I felt good.


Conclusion- Father is more difficult to become as, a father can’t cry.

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