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Checkmating illiteracy

Checkmating illiteracy

Jun 17, 2014, 3:28 AM 0

the place where i stay is a remote area, where i see kids of the age 5-15 do labouring work instead of going to school. what their parents think is instead of wasting money in education let their kid make some money by doing labour.

they arent aware of the fact under the RTE act, govt has made education free of cost for the kids between age 6 and 14 yrs. 

what i am thinking of is to scare those people by faking them that we work for the govt and if you guys dont send your kids to school then unfortunately you might land up in jail.

well, its one my my freaking idea. if you got any freaking idea like this for a noble cause do let me know here as we are planning to implement my plan soon.

and if there is a doubt, why am i doing? am i a social worker? 

please read my blog 'importance of education'


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