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Chess and Gears of War

Nov 24, 2008, 10:55 PM 0

chess and Gears of War are the same in a lot of reasons,for the bad guys the locusts are like the pawns,the queen is like the queen,Raam is like the king,beast riders are like the knights,the snipers are like the bishops,and the berserkers are like the rooks.For the good guys (COG) the cogs are like the pawns, Anya is like the queen,Hoffman is like the king,the tanks are like the knights,the stranded (homeless)are like the bishops and Marcus and Dom are like the rooks.(cog speech)" Humans are no strangers to war.After all,we've been fighting for as long as we can remember."War is all we know"In the past,we fought for imulsion.We Fought for country."We fought for freedom."but all that changed after E-day.for fifteen years,we've been fighting for our very survival against inhuman,genocidal monsters...but it is a fight we cannot continue.humanity faces extinction...unless we end this war now.we had hoped the lightmass bombing would decimate the locust horde...but they survived,and have returned stronger then ever.they've brought with them a force that can sink entire cities.even Jacinto,our last beacon of hope through all these dark days,is now at risk.soon we'll have nothing left to defend...and that means we have only one option...attack.Gears,what i ask of you now is not an easy thing,but it is necessary.if we are to survive,if we are to live long enough to see the seasons pass,our children grow,and experience a time of peace that we have never known...we must now take this fight to the locust!we will go to where they live and where they breed...and we will destroy them!this is the day we take the battle to the heart of the enemy!this is the day that we correct the course of human history!this is the day we ensure our survival as a species!soldiers of the COG,my fellow Gears go forth and bring back the hope of humanity!!!" -Chairman Richard Prescott

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