Essay writing

Essay writing

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n university, colleges students learning is mostly measure through their written skills. Sometimes students give verbal presentation or depict their knowledge with the help of posters but actually the teacher and the requirement is that to give written assignment like essays, reports and conducts exams to check the written skills. Done Dissertation. These task are design the lecturer so that student get help to understand about the social and physical world in a way. These ways of thinking is valuable for academics and always remember every subjects has different requirement and expectation related to written tasks.

When student enter in a professional life they even forget how to write an essay. Although in university it is most common writing task. Essays are extensively used by teachers because this is a best way to assess students thinking ability. Essays provide students a chance to write their understanding into paper. Essay help the student to developed a skill to link between topic and different material available on various sources.

An essay must have an argument

A university student is continue writing an essay in which he offers an arguing current research. An arguing consists of a thesis statement which is usually come after the introduction part and a main points of an essay.

A thesis statement is the key element of an essay. It explains the reader to understand task. The thesis statement is most likely start with a words, like 'This essay will argue …' or 'In this essay I will argue …' a thesis statement is continually defending the essay. It is explaining more about what the essay will do. 'This essay will outline the major factors responsible for unemployment in contemporary Australia' is not a thesis statement because it does not declare anything. 'This essay will argue that government policy is the major cause of unemployment in contemporary Australia,' is a thesis statement because it states a position. The rest of the essay also explain different research related to unemployment that support the thesis statement.

Writing the introduction

An essay is convenient to justified the reader an argument with a logical structure of an essay. A reader is an important person in essay writing and we must provide such stuff of material which engage the reader to read the essay, a clarity and detail explanation what the essay is about.

To achieve these objectives, your essays should have the following parts: 

  • Beginning with a small quotation related to topic which grab the reader attention into an essay or by explaining the issues. Also write down the back ground history of the topic or story related to topic. If there is a limitation to explain few areas of topic, then acknowledge to the reader. This help the reader to understand that you have wide material of this topic but there is a limitation in exams.
  • After begin the next sentences in the introduction is the main point that support your thesis statement. Each paragraph is deal with a new idea.
  • the last sentence is usually the thesis statement.

Main points and paragraph structure

Essays are made up of different range of paragraph. All paragraph has same importance toward the writing purpose. In universities paragraphs are the key element of extended writing.

Success of essay writing is depending upon overall structure of an essay; every paragraph is clearly recognized the main point. The main point is outline in the introduction part. A paragraph is educational writing so you need to be very elaborative, better, sustainable and something which is proved It is a formal written task with precision. That’s why they are moving toward higher through continuously enhances the reader understanding.

The upcoming paragraph show different point. The sentences in italics are the main point of an essay. The sentences which is in formal style support the main point and the sentences in bold support the thesis statement.

Australia is a society where discrimination on various basis is common and deeply embedded. Domestic law related to Australia rare justice do not lie with an actual picture. Do My Dissertation-Done Dissertation. The inequality is in work and social life are same as in North America, Western Europe and under developing countries. For example according to the survey it is found that 72% wealth is occupy the top 20% Australians and 40% total income is receive by 10% household.

A common structure for paragraphs in academic writing is as follows:

  • Main Point - the main idea of the paragraph is expressed as a simplification
  • Explanation-the main idea is explained and its meaning
  • Illustration - the main idea is supported by example, data or quote.

Writing conclusions

At last a good essay must consist conclusion which again support the argue and recognized the reader the two or three strong points which give good support in the argument.