How to play chess extremely well

How to play chess extremely well

May 27, 2017, 12:43 AM |

How to play chess extremely well

How to play chess really well so that you can achieve a respectable rating or playing ability

A grandmaster is a dynamic player which usually rating 0.02 % among all of the players or famous by one of the player in 5000 normal player who is a great player. In the world of chess a grandmaster is famous due to he is on the player who awarded an ELO once in his playing period. More than 900 players you found presently in the entire world.

I write for those who wants to play chess like a grandmaster and have high desires in the chess world then I prefer them that you may consider a expert in chess or as a mentor who trained you as a grandmaster. However I m not  giving you surety about chess if you read this you just  know about the chess key points here.

Caution! After reading it does not promise you turning into a grandmaster, in any case it offers a few bits of knowledge into how to play chess greatly well so that regardless of the possibility that you never turn into a grandmaster, but at least make you an average chess player with the help of international player or fide player.

Having said this the time has come to ask applicable inquiries like;

  1. I am a great master of chess and I just want to share some points of the playing that how you can play well chess? I would pine for your liberality and approach you to discover for yourselves toward the finish of this article.
  2. Are there useful techniques of playing chess if it is so can they be learned?

Before ignoring the given rules just have a look on, Anatoly Karpov which was an average chess player but now he becomes chess grandmaster just because of continuing their learning process until complete it. So see the secrets of chess and try to play like a grandmaster.

Start your life with success is usually expected and in chess it’s a mind game play between two players so definitely it’s a battle of intelligence. Chess is most popular game as compared to other games like indoor games. If you want success in chess you may have potential to see the result of every turn and you may perform well in front of your partner and easily cope up with expectations.


The principles for playing chess like a grandmaster have been discreetly bundled in this smaller than usual posting. Here are the standards;

  1. Before playing you may be able to expect the result of your turns and make plans that the result you get according to your prediction.

A chess grandmaster never cares the end of the game. But some of our genius gamer is endgame players, and they know how to cope up with complex strategies that can fill valuable needs in that phase of the diversion. On every move you may able to know what is reflect and take help of grandmaster which guides you about the outcomes. Follow my guidelines especially to learn the endgame tactics and in the middle also. The opening can be concentrated yet simply after your endgame is sound. On this point it’s quite easy to make plan for the endgame according to your wish.

  1. A Chess grandmaster who know the weakness of defeater

Chess grandmaster doesn’t create weakness for ourselves and also show different styles on their opponents. This incorporates making provisos in the rival's position with the point of beating those escape clauses and in the end winning. Those escape clauses are called favorable circumstances. Thusly every move you have against your adversary ought to be impact of an arrangement to make focal points for yourself and shortcomings for the rival. Cases of shortcomings incorporate shortcomings in pawn structures, (for example, pawn islands, multiplied pawns, separated pawns and in reverse pawns), back rank shortcomings, uncovered ruler, constrained space for the adversaries pieces, dispensing with stations for the rivals pieces and making the guarding pieces to be over-burden. At the point when these shortcomings are sufficiently abused it brings about material pick up for the grandmasters.

  1. Grandmasters want to have dynamic and exceedingly mobile pieces

As a grandmaster, the run of the mill style of play is to have the activity and the more dynamic and versatile pieces. When in doubt, grandmasters for the most part make open records and diagonals for their rulers, diocesans and rooks while likewise guaranteeing that their adversaries' pieces are not actuated.


  1. Chess grandmasters know intentional actions:

 Strategies in chess allude to a progression of moves generally to accomplish a fleeting target. The point of every strategic operation is to do a twofold assault to such an extent that an undefended piece is in the long run caught or some conclusive favorable position is accomplished. All strategies depend on the preface that the better or best move is the one of more noteworthy need or reward. A strategic move ought to debilitate a material favorable position without presenting one to the danger of more prominent misfortune. For example a ruler gives up going before a mating assault is a strategic operation that restricts the adversary's lord to a couple squares preliminary to an invasion from at least two pieces that can convey the checkmate together. There are numerous strategic gadgets that can be utilized to accomplish material or conclusive focal points and they incorporate;

  1. Pins: which are moves intended to cutoff development of a specific piece particularly in the event that it is playing out a protective part. Just religious administrators, rooks and rulers can convey a stick while lesser pieces can work in conjunction to take material being secured by the stuck piece.
  2. Forks: they are twofold assaults done by a solitary piece on two restricting pieces with the essential point of ensuring a material pick up or positional favorable position.


  1. Skewers: a constrained trade or surrender of a significant piece accordingly of two pieces being assaulted straightforwardly or one being assaulted specifically with the other confronting a roundabout assault. A case of a stick is a circumstance in which a secured rook specifically assaults a rival's ruler with the lord straightforwardly behind the ruler. The ruler is lost regardless of whether it trades with the rook or is grabbed by the rook the main contrast is when will the check be conveyed?


  1. Deflection. it is a strategic gadget utilized for diverting shields from key squares or against the resistance of a piece especially a very much estimated piece like a rook. It is additionally some of the time utilized as a method for picking up time to encourage an escape of a caught piece. Redirection is regularly accomplished by giving up a pawn, religious administrator or even a rook to make a mating square or more profitable piece open to assault.


  1. Check: a check is an immediate assault on an uncovered lord which is not unequivocal. Checks offer the likelihood of a pick up in time and more alternatives for pieces to investigate.


  1. Well timed and sound sacrificePenances accomplish two things which are; picking up time for a more unmistakable or conclusive assault or move and to avoid a ruler or guard to a rank, document or corner to corner from where a twofold assault can be completed against another undefended piece.


  1. Batteries: these are extremely reasonable for assaults and they include two associated pieces assaulting a specific square or piece. A case of a battery is a rook battery on the seventh rank in which two rooks cooperating on the seventh rank snatch the greatest number of pieces as their scope can influence.


  1. Discovered attacks and checks:These are astonishment assaults and watches that are frequently used to get pieces to the disservice of the accepting party. The ramification of an all around planned found assault is that the casualty needs to pick a lesser abhorrence and fight with the results thereof. A found assault or check is a hidden move used to accomplish two things at any given moment, for example, in a roundabout way assaulting the contradicting ruler with an ensured minister by putting the priest in a contiguous askew square behind an agreeable pawn along an indistinguishable corner to corner from the ruler. At the point when the pawn moves to a square where it assaults an adversary piece, it likewise makes an opening for the religious administrator to assault the ruler which implies the accepting party needs to pick between losing his ruler or his minor piece.
  2. Undermining Defensive formations and effective offensive calculations:

Your adversary may have a strong protective position at an early phase of the opening or center amusement however every one of that starts to change when you see how cautious positions can be debilitated and in the end wrecked. Typically undermining includes a trade of key protectors and avoidance of helping or optional shields who don't really offer a critical cautious part.

Prerequisites for playing like a grand master


1.Study chess for at least 2 hours a day

No good thing comes simple including playing chess like a grandmaster. Considering chess diversions played by grandmasters no less than 2 hours a day for one year reliably is sufficient to make one a truly solid chess player in any event in the class of a universal ace. Chess amusements are best examined when the understudy sets aside opportunity to discover what the players being considered are doing at any given time and why a specific move is desirable over another and so on.

  1. Practice chess with stronger players

When you begin encountering enhanced play, don't permit your aptitudes run corroded by playing with weaker resistance preferably pick more grounded players than yourself or of equivalent quality to rehearse with.

  1. Play at tournaments regularly

Attempt and play at competitions as frequently as conceivable as this bears you the chance to meet with remarkable chess players who could have valuable tips, data and thoughts to additionally fortify your playing abilities.

  1. Record all your games

If you want to know your weakness so try to record your tournaments whenever you perform.Its a better chance to improved yourself and increase chances to perform well in future.

  1. Analyze games and puzzles

Consider lots of games or puzzles online in chess books.try to utilize your time in such games and puzzles and some of the games you can also get in chess databases.