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Sep 8, 2010, 9:40 AM 0

King gambit as black.... yesterdays blog layed out my way of dealing w/ a dangerous attack. Elimination of the wh. kn.(through a b. pin) gives bl. space & time to develope pieces. Bqb.xwh.kn..wh.qxb. allows black to play the qkn to q5..forcing the whites q. back to q.1( black is threatening kn.x bp. ck. This loss of tempo by wh. gives black time to play say b. to qb4( discovery possibilities). A kings gambit is deadly when played by someone knowledgable. Use is by those who love to attack all out and is countered by allowing an attack wave to pass,tread water and in the middle game spring your surprise reply. Helpful for black, use the kn. b. and queen on black squares(a1.h8 and a8.h1 lines). Remember the attack will peter out, so be ready!     

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