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Sep 9, 2010, 8:20 AM 0

  Black pawn to lose !     One fast and easy way for black to lose-    "Pawn moves". When confronted w/ a kn. on king kn.5 & a white b. on b.4 your response cannot be a pawn move or moving your king or queen. When a black kn. is pinned on b.3 replying w/ moving your pawn to rook three results in the white.b. to the rook file, not unpinning the kn. DO not waste your opening on pawns( other then k4-q4 and b4). Pieces, kn. & b. followed by castling will give you better results. If you find yourself in untenable positions during the opening chances are "you are violating the above laws of chess". Stay away from pq3, the middle board pressure is tough for any but the best players. CONFIDENCE creates winning games!!

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