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Sep 15, 2010, 9:18 AM 0

Wanna Dance ??              ( 8/10 chess.com)see-Gottfried v. eddysallin................ There are days when chess is a joy. The game w/ mr. gottfried was one.Late in the middle game there arose the "trebuchet". Two kings moving counter clock-wise aound two connected wh. pawns half surrounding a black b.&p near each other. WOW! What a sight. First kxp, then white captures a p.(taking the b. would allow the k.pawn to queen). Black takes another pawn while white sets off to stop the doubled queen rook pawns from hitting pay dirt. On this king jaunt he soon realizes his b. pawn hampers the effort and resignation is in order.    Quite a game. Look it up and enjoy!

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