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Aug 27, 2010, 7:52 AM 0

 Spent a long painful night dreaming of knights and rooks roaming through strange streets seeking some not so oblvious way out.Awoke to a very swollen wrist screaming..gout attack!! Pain is one thing - Old pain is another animal.  Did'nt that budhhist monk long ago tell me karma is unavoidable?.....Hmmm.                   I always dream chess. About the pieces or men who played the game.               Today i offer a draw to a young chess player who lost a piece(and the game) on his sixth move--a decison to insert a k. to prevent  k.xp(on f7).He thought ptoq4 was a waste of time in his attack.Sadly the attack,as his game were in need of long time consuming lessons( probably the real waste of time).A draw gets me relief from him and the game.                       i hope the chess gods look kindly on this old man...

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