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Oct 4, 2010, 11:25 AM 0

Chess Computers... I've seen some bloggers state playing against a computer is not so tough !! Hmmmmm!!!? The"chess partner"(a program on Chess.com) is set to allow competitive chess to occur. The idea being not winning all games but to foster computer play. A  alg. programed at the highest level will beat any player, exception being the top two/three grandmasters.Even here this is very, very hard play. Simple mistakes will result in major problems.Remember no stress, pressure, no mistake in planning, no blunders in openings/ tactical or endgames. Just each square/piece/ being valued each turn vs. your opponent placement of his pieces... NOT DIFFERCULT!! YOU MUST BE KIDDING.....I recall a final game(A win was needed) of a grandmaster vs. MR. BLUE,a few pawns and four pieces each. Black(computer) had all his pieces on the eight rank and white had nothing but a draw-- HARD? YOu bet your ass it's a tough nut!! Don't kid yourself machines are a leg up on the average joe.

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