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Oct 8, 2010, 7:48 AM 0

Australia grandmaster..          Hey Mate, Mate! is his name.This young man who broke an arm while doing cargo work, was given Grandmaster status by a doctor who instead of repairing his arm mistakenly treated him for a stroke.A new drug to unblock arteries was used and it seems to have converted a dock worker into a world class chess player. Mr. Hey Mate, Mate! employs elegantly two knights and a bishop to reach mate-(though a queen sac. is the lure),and though he has little to say Gms claim his smirk says enough.Mr. Hey Mate, Mate! is rated at 3000 by the chess federation and is unbeaten. Some say he is a computer-robot and should be examined for same.... Is he? or is he not?....more- 

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