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truth of bobby fishers chess demiese !

Jun 10, 2011, 7:26 AM 3

                   Previously i explained how after fame entered his chess world Mr. fisher was unable to enjoy the new life, the "greatest chess player" tittle seemed too much for him too bear.He went through the day as if a large weight was pulling at him, the weight ? The world at large ! Everything was against him,people, events, from small details to major situation all was an effort too make his very life misery...in truth bobby fisher needed no help. Fear made the prism his eyes saw through a grand conspiracy--one out too get him !    Where the fear came from ? His life was dedicated to a single thing...the best chess player !    ONCE THERE, all he thought of was loosing it!  The person had nothing to support his existence except chess ,the idea it could be challenged was unthinkable... he fell into mental sickness.  It was all down hill after this took hold.       A GREAT CHESS PLAYER ? Yes, no doubt about. A happy person, someone enjoying what they where doing ? NO,NO! THis was someone living on the edges of insanity and he lived out his life under this umbrella of misery...... true, every word-----------eddysallin

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