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Truth of Mr. Fisher chess demise.

May 19, 2011, 8:30 AM 0

           A knew one day this story would need telling , my age(nearing 70) and not so good health(cirrhosis/liver cancer) say nows the time. As a younger man, and one who loved chess. I followed the comings and goings of the g.m.s and progress being made via computers. Blue's games, fisher,chess players arguing whose best and the Russians screaming about their players getting a bad deal from world chess org.s. in charge of the big-time games....Yeah i experienced all this first hand and enjoyed every minute.        Anyway, we know how it went-----fame,over 1OO wins in row .Beating all comers he was proclaimed the greatest chess player ever . And then prejudice's,eccentricities, fall from grace..... WHY,...yes why ? Well here it is, like or not this is the truth . FEAR.  Simular too what we humans feel when at deaths door. Bobbys was not physical but a mental recognition his best chess was behind him. In front, good, but no greatness - and this he could not face. Chess was all he had and was , AND IT WAS GONE...and so too was bobby fisher the man . ....... i swear this is true, eddysallin                                                                                         

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