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vacation time abuse ?

Jun 6, 2011, 4:14 PM 1

                        maybe the time has come for chess.com to look at the policy re. VACATION TIME. In my last tournament we had two players go immediately on vacation time without making a chess move........this is an obvious strategy for roping in players who may have low interest after some lost games, or catching them off stride! The point ..." vacation time is being used as a strategy rather then an emergency  .                                                Second. I've seen cases where players have taken on large amount (200) of games and use vacation time too for-stall time defaults. In each case they apply vacation time to half the games while making moves on the other half,or they let time default run down to minutes and then use a day of vacation time as a gimmick to create more time for making chess moves.                                                           I say chess .com should take a fresh look at vacation time policy with an eye too bringing about a fair non-abusive program......WHAT SAY U ??                                                          

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