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Whats going on ?

Aug 9, 2011, 8:44 AM 1

Granted my health is not great, and i know approaching seventy leads me to be set in ways one can call "old fashion ",that's o .k. But i see things in chess i don't care for. People join tournaments and instead of a first move--they go on vacation ! What the hell is that about ? Talk about vacation, players are using this privilege to draw games out for months,probably to avoid a defeat. The worst of the lot is the amount of cheating going on...run of the mill players using "FISHER " combinations. Ratings of 2200 built on program wins. These chess players( AND THATS A NICE NAME FOR THEM) unable to hold their own against 1600 legit players.They play deep mating threats as if they knew what they were doing,when really "PEANUT GALLERY" are their true colors.Stuff makes my grey hair go straight up,wish i could take them out behind the wood-shed and teach them a little truth.......THis game requires deapth of both mind and guts, and most important true chess players are believers in moral action and the search for truth. I say to them---get off my board you phoney.               g.l. and g. chess

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