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Why did the idea of being highly rated master seem so attainable ?

Jun 2, 2011, 7:23 AM 0

                             Being a really good chess player ! WOW , talk about an idea vs. years of hard work and u end up where ?                                                       For me chess.com will have too do. Hey ! Thats a lot. Through the years not only did i become a very strong chess player but the many varied experiences provided the framework for a mature person. One who learned patience( all that waiting for a move too be made !) from dealing with angry,frustrated opponents and my own limitations which i thought reading chess books and following grandmaster would cure. Little insight into years of the over the board fighting--i thought if i play enough games I'll become a great player through trail and error,sort of a chess osmosis.  I did learn much in the way of board oddities, tricks one can apply looking for a draw, or positional gimmicks---usually an attempt too extract myself from a very bad chess situation!                                                           Driven by a dream, full of passionate expections and great chess hopes time was the enemy and it always wins. After all to many years life brings an end-game realism----look at the board, check the pieces and the possible moves---whats there ? A win ?.Draw ? ...Or a lost ?                            Here enters the maturity built up over these many years,IT WAS NEVER THE END I CHASED.                                                It always was "everything that took place when i started my chess journey",from my original idea of chess greatness too the present day of chess .com.....                  and you know what?                                                        It's fitting for an old chess player too arrive at this point and i know -"that it was a good game and i gave it my best shot" !

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