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How to be dumb without toil ?

How to be dumb without toil ?

Dec 25, 2010, 6:03 PM 2


How to be dumb without toil ?

This story is told of a young couple who had been sweethearts but had quarrelled. One day the former lover had to make a business call on the girl's father and, of course, it so happened that she answered the door. " I beg your pardon " said the young man, keeping his nerve in the trying circumstances remarkably well. " Miss Perkins, I think ? Is your father in ? " " No, he's not, I am sorry to say. Did you wish to see him personally ? " Asked the girl, without the slightest sign of recognition showing in her eyes. " Yes; but it will do tomorrow, Thank you. I will call again. Good afternoon ! " But this was too much. As he reached the bottom step the girl spoke : " Excuse me ! Who shall I say called ? "








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