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How to Crush a Master

How to Crush a Master

Aug 10, 2016, 2:58 PM 0

Fools mate is a crazy way to checkmate noobs (such as me), but did you know that masters fall for it too? I was blitzing this master (even though it was G30) the other day and he always plays the Dutch and/or the Bird System and I was able to find clever ways to divert his attention away from the Fools mate threat. Believe it or not he actually fell for fool’s mate and game over in 4-6 moves.


I played three games against him before he rage quitted which proves that novices and experts aren’t the only ones who blunder. If you want to try this on someone who plays the Dutch or the Bird then you should first set up a diversion to get the guy thinking what a noob you are and surprise him with a checkmate to gain a heck of a lot of rating points.

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