The Best Game Ever

Dec 7, 2011, 3:59 PM |

it was a series of three standard games, already having lost the first two i went for the third and final game. This specific opponent was really running his "mouth" on the chat box, talking alot of negativity, bringing down my nationality and making promises that i will fail throughout most of the game. I tried to not get involved in the chatbox, and if i did i stayed positive, but as the game began he was actually living up to his promises, he was picking me apart to the point where i lost my queen (resignation even crossed my mind but i felt personally invested and determined to win this game from his trash talking)
i continued, and to my surprise he makes a critical mistake, loses his queen, i topple his "regime" and immediately move in for the checkmate.
i litterally jumped and cheered lol

moral of the story:
be patient
stay positive
dont distract yourself with trashtalking
(cuz it made my victory even sweeter n.n)