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Interesting Reversed Sicilian from DC Chess League

Interesting Reversed Sicilian from DC Chess League

Aug 19, 2017, 2:04 PM 1

I thought this was an interesting game I played last night in a Reversed Sicilian (though if a Sicilian is kind of a Reversed English, I guess that'd make it a Reversed-Reversed-English, which may as well cancel out to an English, or as chess.com wants to call it, an English: Carls-Bremen, Fianchetto Line). Whatever you call it, I thought it was a solid struggle that led to a fascinating rook ending. For now, here's the game with a few sample side lines:


The English has been a practical option for me since it's solid yet imbalances the position. This is my 6th game undefeated in the DCCL with a +4 streak and (fingers crossed) with one more to go for the summer league. 

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