chess sexes

Jan 6, 2009, 10:27 AM |

ok, what are the sexes of the pieces ? Undecided

The king obviously is a boy.

The Queen is a girl.

The Bishops ?  they must be boys.....too trickery a job for a girl.

The Knights , no mistery here. Of course, if you call them horses, then we have a dispute. Could be a horse and a mare, two horses or two mares. Tongue out

The Rooks, again no mistery, they are like archbishops. Boys,of course.

Now, what are the pawns. Say boys .....ouch , it just hurts becoming a Queen. I could be mistaken though, there may be some happiness in an eunuch's life ( the prospect of check-mating ), just not in real life. Say girls......well, this could be. From Amazon fighters they turn into Queens. It's a history fact.

This could be, but what happens if the pawn decides to change into a horse ?  this theory is not 100 % valid. Such a pity....