lucky me I have low rating !

Oct 13, 2008, 11:45 AM |

Oh boy oh boy oh boy , I am so lucky I have low rating that I feel like jumping in one foot around the table ! The only things that stop me are 1. I don't have a table to run around it  and 2. my neighbours would certainly disapprove of this behaviour at this time in the night. But back to chess : why am I lucky ?  I just watched one game of one of my friends here on chess com, who happens to be a remarkable man, a friend and a very good chess player. His game was with another chess lover. Ratings in the 1800s , so lot of knowledge, skill, tactics, planning, you name it !  Ouch. How do you know which is your best move ? You got so many options, so much feeling of the game and you are in the same range of rating with the other player ! That means he / she knows aproximately as much as you do !!!  So, what helps you to win the game ? 

If you play with a player much  higher rated than you ,you play and do your best even if you know you got a slight chance to win the game. So maybe your best move out of three may not be the best move at all 'cause there is a 4th move of which you had not taken account of. Here interviens the process of learning. You learn through playing, you learn to "feel the game" and enjoy it at the same time.This game may not rise in you the same adrenalin level as in the first case but it sure is a win - win situation. The partner wins your points ( if rated games) and you win through learning. Did I mention bonding ? If not, I add it right now.Wink

I want to thank to all my friends here on chess com who continually play games with me even if they are loaded with tens and tens of tournament games. I appreciate your fair-play, your sense of the game , your sense of humour and your friendship.