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I received this in a mail and worked to translate it as accurately as possible. If there are any doctors who know more about this topic, feel free to bring your contribution.Or if anyone knows details about the tests in Japan, accurate details, please post them.

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This is an interesting article to read and an advice to implement…..for those whocan .
We all have too much acidity !
The food we eat burns together with the oxigen in the cells to produce energy. After burning, food metamorphoses into acid waste which the cells deposit in the blood circuit.
Our body gets rid of the waste through urine, breathing and perspiration, the rest of the remaining waste gets packed to the blood vasels and tissues..
In order for us to live our blood and cells must be slightly alcaline ( blood’s pH is 7.35 ).In order to maintain its alcaline level our body does a little trick : it converts the acid waste into solid acid waste. If the body can keep the waste undissolved it can keep it forever and at the same time it will not affect the pH level in the rest of the body.
So the body will stock it in severeal places and ways , including in fat. Weight gaining may be the result of this need to stock the acid waste..
Conclusion : at first we get « acid » and then comes the fat.
Examples of solid acid waste in our body : colesterol, fat acids, uric acid, kidney stones,sulphates and phosphates.
Stocking this acid waste represents the process of aging.
The chemical formula for colesterol and fat acids equals to the incomplete burning of the carbohydrates.The colesterol and the fat acids come from eating pasta and bread. The uric acid and the amoniac come from all types of meat.Fosphoric acid comes from cereals like rice and drinks ( i.e.coke ).Sulphuric acid comes from egg yolk. Both fosphoric and sulphuric acids are poisonous.They need to be neutralized by alcalin minerals before becoming benign.If there is a lack of alcalin minerals in our diet the body has no choice but to steal calcium from the bones and then neutralize the acids by transforming them into sulphates, phosphates and thus osteoporosis develops in time.
One of the biggest issues of acid waste is that it thickens the blood and blocks the capillary vessels. This is why people suffer
from hypertension. Depending on where the acid waste is stocked in the body, the blood circulation is weak and it is highly possible that a vital organ may not receive enough blood , thus becoming disfunctional. Many degeneratediseases are the result of bad circulation. A typical example would be diabetes , which is caused by the acid stocks around the pancreas. The cancerous cells are acid while the healthy cells are alcaline. Normal cells cannot survive near the zones with acid stocks..Some persons have strong genes which suffer mutations in order to survive in an acid environment.That’s how cancerous cells develop As long as the environment stays acid the cancer will reappear after an operation.Experienced oncologists increase the alcaline level in the patients which will undergo an operation.The acid stocks within the sanguine vessels are extremely dangerous as they may lead to blocking up the capillary vessels in the brain area.Our body glues this waste to the walls of the blood vessels but in cases of harsh effort when the pression increasesthis waste gets unglued and blocks the capillary vessels creating brain strokes.The alcaline neutralizes the acid.The alcaline water neutralizes the acid waste in the human body and liquefies it so that it can be eliminated by the kidneys. One example to understand thiswould be the fat that remains on our hands after washing some meat.This fat cannot be put away by water only.We need soap to liquefy the fat
and clean the skin. Fat is acid ,thesoap is alcaline.We clean our body on the exterior but forget about the mess within.

Depending on the body we stock the acid waste differently. Diseases manifest differently depending on where the acid stocks are.When we understand that degenerate adulthood diseases are caused by acid waste stocks then there will be no mystery as to why alcaline water increases health. .
In order to lead a long healthy life we need first to get rid of the acid waste stocks in our body.The best and easiest way to get rid of this acid waste is to liquefy it and neutralize it with alcaline water.Through the removal of the acid particles in the blood we cut off the risk of diseases and sudden death.Alcaline water does not have nutritional value and is not medicine but it has this amazing characteristic to neutralize and liquefy the acid waste so that it can be removed from the body while the body stays alcaline, healthy and in good state.
DRINK WATER ON AN EMPTY STOMACH !! In our day’s Japan there is this healthy habit of drinking water immediately after waking up every morning.Tests have proved the value of this healthy habit.This water treatment has been considered a 100% successfor old or sick people suffering from:head aches, body aches, circulatory system, arthritis, strong beats of the heart, epilepsy, extra fat, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis, meningitis, liver and urine diseases, throwing up, gastritis, diarrhoea, haemorhoidsm diabetes, constipation, all eye diseases, genitalia cancer, menstrual disturbances, ear nose and throatdiseases,


1. After waking up in the morning and before wasching the teeth : drink 4x 160 ml water ( around 500 )
2. Wash your teeth . No eating or drinking before 45 minutes have passed..
3. You can have breakfast and drink normally after 45 minutes
4. Drink and eat nothing after 2 hours and 15 minuteshave passed since your last meal ( breakfast , lunch or dinner ).

5..Those who are sick or ill and cannot have the 500 ml of water they can drink less and gradually increase the quantity up to 4 glasses.

6.This method can cure and make people have healthier lives. The following list has the number of days for the treatment /controlof main diseases :
1...High blood pressure - 30 days
2.Gasritis 10 days
3.Diabetes30 days
4.Constipation10 days
5.Cancer180 days
6.Tuberculozis90 days
7. Pacients suffering from artritis should follow the treatment only 3 days in the first week and then starting with the second week on daily basis.

There are no secondary effects. You will need to urinate several times in the beginning of the treatment.It is even better if you continue this treatment as habit in your daily life. Drink water and stay healthy and active.Both Chinese and Japanese drink hot tea or water during the meals. Maybe it is time we took this habit too ! Nothing to lose, everything to gain !

Atention to all who like to drink cold water. It is a nice feeling to have cold water after a meal. But the cold water will solidify the oily food you just ate and this will slow down your digestion The best would be to have warm soup or water after the meal.

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