when it's time to say goodbye

Dec 22, 2008, 11:56 AM |

I never liked to do this and i have this feeling  in chess too.

A game starts.......the board is ready, you can feel the game will start any minute now.All the pieces are set on their places , waiting for your command.There is so much quiet now, you can  hear the snorling of the brave horses, the breathing of the pawns....they know they are to do the hardest job of all, to make the first move. And King's pawn makes a step forward, he knows he needs to give an example to the others so he chooses the best spot to observe the territory, to protect his King. All the others move in haste. Why the rush ?  This game will never be plaid again, this is it, this is when they need to prove themselves so they fight with what they have. Emotional winds blow through and frow around the board , sometimes moving also vertically on the scale, only known by the player.

And the final moment comes, when the game comes to an end. It will never be the same now. Even if the players decide to play again, that  will be another game even if the outcome looks pretty much the same. There is no drop of water alike. No two snowflakes are the same. No two souls breathe the same.

No two games are the same.....I never liked to say goodbye to a game. It has its unique personality, its unique smell of victory or defeat- whichever it is- its unique dreams, hopes, values,plans,results, friends, qualities, perseptions,colours and the list can go on forever.