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FACT: school is might seem hard, even impossible, to survive a day of school... in a boring class. so here some things to do in boring class;

* Sleeping is an option, but not always a good one, and teachers will notice after a while.

*Draw or doodle things on notebook paper in the margins of notes.

*Zone out, but try and remember the last sentence your teacher said, just in case your teacher asks you to prove you were listening.

*Read magazines or novels, because they're often better reads than your textbook.

*Pass notes or send text messages. " Remember to put your phone on silent - not in vibrate - to not get caught -_-"

*Play video games like the hand held things such as a graphing calculator, Nintendo ds, or psp.

*Learn to spin a pencil over your thumb.

*Make a Crazy Schedule on a spare sheet of paper. "this is fun :P"

*Music listen to your favourite songs and pretend you are listening to the lesson but make sure the teacher doesn't see the headphones.



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