A Friend's Closed Account

Oct 17, 2013, 12:31 AM |

Recently, I discovered that someone I used to know here had closed an account.I did the same thing a year ago. Closed an account and all.  With people here who barely know each other, absence or presence of one "online" friend is hardly felt. It was designed that way I guess. To be friend a person at a click of a button, and unfriend them same way. It has become cold I guess. But there are few who we remember, small things like a kind word. This particular player is one that I respect, and admire, regardless if we are still friends here or not. People don't remember everything that we say, but kindness speaks differently, even small ones. He often comments well thought comment at post here in the past. The only one I know online who actually play takeback games. I ask him about it before, because it looks weird to me. I reason, a mistake had consequence, so taking back moves should not even be an option. And he was like, I play to help friends improve, winning against them is obviously not a priority. That is nice. After all, chess had always been a competition, I myself don't take losing lightly for I wanted to be recognized a worthy opponent.

People have different perspective, some of these views impressed me more than others do. But variability is good, and uniqueness, they are all part of human nature. Beautiful in its differences.

You shall be missed. Interrobang.