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Cheesy on a Beginner's Common Mistake

Cheesy on a Beginner's Common Mistake

Jun 30, 2013, 4:38 AM 0

With reference to this make believe conversation, and so that the reader (who has no idea how come he/she is reading a blog written by a bug) come across this post without any intention to, please allow me to introduce Cheesy with his quick wit and desire for debate and conflict where there is none. You can find his origin here please click this URL over herehttp://www.chess.com/blog/nerryaugustin/the-lamentations-of-cheesy-the-bug)

Lately, Lea had been thinking of quiting chess. Because chess has been kicking her in the face for far too long and she has had enough of it (when does she get to avenge herself, she wonders). And chess has been wearing a smirk in it's face, as if saying, revenge, what revenge. And the laughter, the evil laugher she imagines to hear, is deafining. So I was like, wait a minute, let me look at your games and see for myself, what are you doing wrong. And then I come up with an analysis, which she refuses to accept. When one is convinced, beyong reasonable doubt, that she is doing the right thing, then it can be tough to unconvince her specially a hard head that Lea is. However, a fellow beginner of her ( hey 5 years playing chess, not a beginner anymore), should understand what might be holding her back.

To move or not to move that is the question. Chess is about calculations. But Lea is bad with that, she is one of those people that assumes she calculated it right but of course, she can not be more wrong or wronger whichever is the proper English. First rule that she without fail disregard, is that, no such thing as playing without a plan. One must have a plan, calculated to fit a goal that is to defend your king, but do not choke him for @34%8's sake. How can your king breathe if you choke him by being over protective. Now, how about you let him defend himself every once and a while. Or maybe not. Or maybe you can leave him but do not abandon him unprotected. Now I am confused. Lea's fault. All of it.

No fear. Or fear a little.But not too much. Fear is a human emotion that should result to one playing more carefully. But too much of it, is paralysis of the brain (that is by nature a huge coward). Since human being has concept of time (i.e present, past and future) then presently one can sense that he/she is doing badly, perceives that in the future he/she shall do worst and imagine all sort monsters like a queen in a double helix with a bishop cutting your king's ah.. head. Not good. Too much imagination in there. And therefore, refuses to do anything anymore least say fear becomes a reality and then, one would be a thing of the past. A history. Ka-boom. Game ends. And opponent won. Now where's the logic in fearing something that has not happened yet. One can do something about the present, but never of what is already a past. History repeats itself only when one refuses to learn it's lesson. (So Lea repeats all of them lesson, because she thinks she gets it already, realized, ow boy, maybe I am being to harsh on my analysis).

A good move does not have to be complicated. But she likes to complicate it sometimes, because. She like inflicting pain on herself. Take for example her tendency to move something out of the blue because she likes it, because it look unexpected. And then, she realized, there's a better obvious move. And she wasted the opportunity to prove, that where there's simplicity, there is beauty. (Ouch what's that whacking my head for!)

So here ends my blubbering, because if I add anymore word, I get the feeling that I too shall be a thing of the past, for Lea's present and future response to my analysis, is pretty drastic indeed.#

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