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Hooray! I won against a... computer. Wahaha

Oct 17, 2012, 7:45 PM 4
I was trying to access chess.com last night, and the site says it's under construction for updating and gave me this option to try and beat the chess.com computer. It says medium with a hm... skill capacity of more 1200 (above). And so I was pretty confident that I shall be able to win easily (hahaha). And realized, hey, if this is the skill of a 1200, then I bet, my skill is below 1000. Hahaha. Nevertheless, I tried (my weirdest opening to date, and yahoo! I guess it was not cut off to play against weird oppenings. Hahaha. And I was like, woa, the king is very brave moving that way! So sharing this game because, I like to share them...

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