In this and those and lemon and juice and the king who is Bruce Lee Himself

In this and those and lemon and juice and the king who is Bruce Lee Himself

Oct 24, 2012, 4:02 AM |

Note: Back to blogging for the mean time.Tongue Out

Cheesy: This thing with talking with you is bothering me.

Lea: I created you. You got no right to be bothered Cheesy. How you been?

Cheesy: I been around. Where would I be except where your imaginations put me of course.

Lea: True. True.

Cheesy: How have you been?

Lea: I have my hung ups. Yeah. Normally. But if things are bad I guess I got to lick my own wound. Besides when you were given a lemon, the best thing to do with it, is to make lemonade. Hahaha

Cheesy: Obviously. What do you mean lick your own wound. That’s crazy. You should use an antiseptic. No licking of wounds okay? It’s bad for your health!

Lea: Not that licking of wound Cheesy! That’s an idiomatic expression that means.. that means.. you should not allow other people solve your problem for you. Yes. That’s what it means. But shucks, I wish otherwise. Hahaha. I guess I can only wish and it won’t happen of course.

Cheesy: That’s why it’s called a wish. It is not supposed to happen. Otherwise wishes will be cheap.

Lea: Are you selling wishes now? What’s with the cheap and not so cheap wish.

Cheesy: I’ve seen your game vs. the computer ( It was humiliating.

Lea: For me or for the computer?

Cheesy: For you. How can you humiliate the computer?

Lea: I won against it. It is not enough humiliation?

Cheesy: Since when is winning something to brag about?

Lea: Since today? That king I guess is Bruce Lee himself. Did you see how much he kicked at me since the beginning of the game?

Cheesy: He is nuts.

Lea: But brave. I have never seen a braver king.

Cheesy: So you are nuts like him.  

Lea: Yeah well, at least he made me laugh hard. Hahaha