Nosy on Intelligence

Nosy on Intelligence

Sep 11, 2012, 3:21 AM |

Nosy: Why is sky blue? Can’t it be red? I wanted it red because I like red.

Number One: Because dear, the ocean is blue. Make the ocean red and you’ll make the sky reflect the same color.

Nosy: But why is the sky above the dessert area still blue? Why not brown because sand is brown. Why does the sky only reflect the ocean? Why not green if it’s above the forest?

Number One: Because the sky is a selective reflector. It only reflect the ocean end of discussion.

Nosy: Why is the earth flat? Can’t it be square?

Number One: Because dear circle is good. Balance in the gravitational full.

Nosy: Ow..  Really?

Number One: Yes. Really.

Nosy: You seem to know everything..

Number One: Most but not all.

Nosy: Ow, I know what you don’t know. What is the origin of zero. Yeah. I bet you don’t know that.

Number One: Nothing. How can nothing have an origin? Are you mad?

Nosy: Ow well for example I can have something and then I give it to Cheesy because he is cool and then I have nothing anymore. There. I use to have something loss it away and no more. Voila. Just like zero and the nothingness in there used to have something before it’s gone. See. I know the answer and you don’t.

Number One: Yeah whatever. How about we talk about your intelligence that never existed in the first place. Zero.

Nosy: Your definition of intelligence is based on the premise that I should know a lot of things? Wow that’s pretty easy. I can recite the table of elements down to last one of them, by memory and so therefore does that make me intelligent enough? Or I can tell you that I know that the temperature of the sun at the center of it is about 27 million degrees Fahrenheit (15 million degrees Celsius), that there are more than 10 million species that exist on earth and only 1.5 million of them has been identified and named by taxonomist, that there are over 100 billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy alone and there may be as many as 125 billion galaxies in the universe, that a beam of light traveling at the tremendous speed of 186,000 miles each second (300,000 km/sec) would take 100,000 years to traverse our galaxy, and that that scientific name of the seventh largest eagle in the world can be found in certain spots in the Philippines and is known as Pithecophaga jefferyi or that...

Number One: Ok ok, I get your point. It’s just that you ask questions that are pretty obvious sometimes and you seem to be so clueless that you really hm.. pissed me off.. Hey you should have told me earlier that you know all of those! Wow!

Nosy: Well, I did graduate with merits in the worm university I attended, am a pretty much sucessful student if you ask about it, and yes, I know I know, I have always liked to think a lot. However, when you pretend stupidity sometimes, you get to see how other react and judge for yourself how they value intelligence sometimes even more than they value their fellow worms or bugs or any other species that you can think of. That puts things in perspective, and now you know who to keep and who to run away from... Wait until they treat you as if you don’t know anything, and see how much of themselves they reveal. But see.. I don't believe that one should fool themeselves with the idea that simply because you know a lot that makes you a better worm. It's not the brain that counts, it's the heart the keeps the brain grounded, that's what is important, for me atleast.

Number One.. Stunned to silence (for once). Hahaha