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My tournament schedule

My tournament schedule

Jan 24, 2013, 1:30 PM 10

As an aspiring professional chess player it is important to have an organized tournament schedule. It takes a lot of time to choose and plan events, besides preparing for the events themselves. We are our own managers so flights,hotel,logistics all must be dealt with ourselves. I enjoy doing it so it's not so bad for me. It also takes experience to make sure you don't play too much or too little. If you play too many events at once you run the risk of finding holes in your game without adequate time to fix them before the next one. I just experienced this last month! Once you finally pick your events you proceed with preparations based on the tournament.


Based on my schedule almost all the events are open swisses which means that I won't really know who I will play specifically. That means the majority of my energy should be focused on general preparation(physical shape,playing form) and openings. Only for that one round-robin and World Cup match I'll have the luxury of preparing for specific opponents. 


Anyways, I am quite excited and thought I'd share my schedule. This being my first year of professional chess I have high expectations!

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