1500 on CTS

Feb 11, 2008, 9:40 AM |

Ahh victory! I finally hit the 1500 mark on Chess Tactics Server after roughly 5080 tries. My percentage is still hanging around the 73% mark so the goal is to steadily increase my accuracy to around 80% overall. I hope all this tactics madness will pay off at the Kitchener Winter Open this weekend. There are no sections at this tournament so I hope to meet some strong players and show them my best. If I can get enough sleep and not get intimidated I know I can play good chess.


One point I'd like to make about the rating system on CTS...it corresponds to OTB ratings in a very inconsistent way. For example, I know a class B player with a rating around 1580, but I know a 1900 player with a rating of around 1520, and both of their accuracy percentages are lower than mine! Food for thought....

Anyway, next stop is 80% accuracy and 1600!