A little update

Mar 11, 2008, 4:38 PM |

I thought I'd record my progress thus far.


OTB rating: 1545



Chess Tactics Server:1515 (73% accuracy)

All in all not bad improvement so far, I'd like to get my OTB rating up over 1600 soon. This will be possible if I make a good showing at the Niagara Falls open in a couple of weeks.

The remodelling of my opening repertoire is under way, I've decided on the books I want to buy, now all I have to do is order them and start playing a ton of correspondence games with 1.e4


Right now I'm reading "How to play the english opening" by Anatoly Karpov and doing a lot of tactics everyday on CTS. My redhotpawn gameload is around 70 right now, which I think is about right. I'm not really too worried about my ratings in online correspondence chess as I'm using it only to practice my openings and playing as many games as possible is the best way to do that.

I'll post a review of "how to play the english opening" once I've finished it. Now all I can say is that it's VERY good and VERY intense. :)


Bye for now!