Frank Marshall's Best Games

Jan 28, 2008, 9:13 PM |

Finally, after at least 8 months, I have finished Frank Marshall's "My Fifty Years of Chess" games collection.


Frank Marshall was America's best player from the late 1800's to about 1940. He is the founder of the marshall chess club in new york city, and was america's champion from 1910-1936. I started going through his games because I wanted to study another attacking player after going through Morphy's games. Marshall was definitely an all-out attacker, much moreso than Morphy...more akin to an Anderson or Tal. There are 140 games in this collection, all of them well annotated, and since these games are from about 1890-1940 none of the ideas employed in them are over the head of the average player. I would recommend Marshall's games to anyone with a fondness for wild, attacking play. Marshall was primarily a queen's pawn player (everyone played the queen's gambit back then) but played e4 reasonably frequently as well. He played somewhat tame variations in the openings but usually spiced them up with some amazing material sacrifice for initiative later on (much like Tal). The annotations are all his own, and he writes a wonderful account of his career.


In other news I leave for my first tournament on friday...oh the excitement! I plan on going through "Learn from Bobby Fischer's Greatest Games" by Eric Schiller next.




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