I review Daniel King's Chessbase DVD "Powerplay 2: Attacking the King"

Jun 16, 2009, 12:31 PM |

I just finished the second powerplay DVD.

This one was much longer than the first, with many more examples each with the theme of kingside attack. He goes over things like getting the heavy pieces into the attack, opening files and using them, and the importance of the pawn center in the attack. At the end of the DVD, like the first one, he gives a series of positions and asks you to find the best move. After this he explains how the game went on and often asks you more questions. Also, he encourages you to solve the positions over a real board as opposed to the computer screen.

This DVD maintains the high quality of the first. It builds upon the mating themes of the first DVD and expands upon them, as such the examples in this DVD are more difficult. Certainly after viewing this DVD I feel more comfortable (and anxious!) in attacking the king.