I review Daniel King's Chessbase DVD "PowerPlay 3: Pawn Storm"

Jun 20, 2009, 9:55 PM |

Yup, just finished the third powerplay DVD.

This one was all about pushing the f and h pawns, when its a good idea and when it's not. As is the norm in these powerplay DVDs we get a series of lectures on the different themes (11 lectures on the f-pawn push and 9 on the h-pawn push) and then a series of positions in which King asks us to demonstrate the knowledge we have hopefully aquired. There are 17(!!) test positions at the end, and combined with the previous 20 lectures makes for the longest DVD yet. This is also the most difficult DVD so far, I had some trouble with a few of the test questions at the end. Definitely the idea is to do these DVDs in order as King often refers to themes covered in the previous DVDs and expects you to use them to find the right continuation.

One element which I liked in this DVD is King's explanation of DEFENSIVE themes in pushing pawns and how to defend against a pawn push. He gives several examples of games from the Karpov/Korchnoi world championship bouts in which h and f pawn pushes (sound or unsound) decide the game...good stuff!

This DVD is of the same quality as the previous two, and King is an excellent presenter as always.