My White Openings Need Some Work


I downloaded chessbase 10 a couple of weeks ago. It's such a neat little program, tons of useful database tools and also a great way to store your OTB games for later analysis. Recently I had the program examine my games and give me some statistical analysis. As it turns out I'm much better with black than I am with white! Generally the trend in chess is to perform about 50 points above your real rating with white and 50 points below with black, but with me this is something like 100 points below my rating with white and 100 points above my rating with black! Weird!

As such I have decided to re-tool my white repertoire somewhat. I've been playing the english since I started OTB chess, and I love it to death. However there are problems with aggressiveness, especially when black plays 1...e5. So, I have decided to incorporate more mainline 1.d4 openings into my repertoire, and switching to Nf3 on the first move. The great thing about Nf3 is that it will allow me to keep some of my english repertoire (when black plays 1...c5) but also use more aggressive d4 openings against everything else. I think I've found a good repertoire book for me as well in Boris Avrukh's "Grandmaster Repertoire: 1.d4" put out by Quality Chess. It's gotten rave reviews and covers all of the classical d4/d5 defences, which is all I really need.

Of course I'll still be playing 1.c4 a lot, but now at least I'll have a little variety and some more aggressive choices as white if I should need them.