Off to Edmonton

Jul 9, 2009, 12:35 PM |

Tomorrow morning I leave for the Canadian Open in Edmonton. Hopefully I wont completely screw up and get no points Laughing.

In preparation I have gone through 1-9 of Daniel King's "Powerplay" series for chessbase. They really are excellent little DVDs and I recommend them to anyone, King is an excellent presenter and learning from a DVD really helps you retain the information as opposed to learning from a book. I hope they've helped my game in some way, I think they have.

Anyway, I'm trying to travel light but I will be bringing my Acer netbook with chessbase and ICC dasher installed, as well as a bunch of chessbase DVDs by Khazhimzhanov and quite a few books in PDF form. I'll be giving round by round coverage of my games as well as the games of top players and the general tournament standings. There are 9 rounds, one game per day, played at classical time control from the 11th-19th. Games usually start between 4-6 PM Edmonton time. Also, there are 4 simuls going on throughout the week and I hope to participate in at least one of them.

I'll be taking lots of photos and posting them throughout the day, good times!