Some DVD reviews

Jul 8, 2008, 12:01 PM |

I'm on a roll with the reviews! Here's my opinion on some chessbase DVDs I've purchased. I think DVDs work better than books for a lot of people because they are much more relaxing and engaging than a board and a book. It's true that books contain more information, but DVDs give you the information in such a way that you can UNDERSTAND and IMPLEMENT the information. DVDs have worked very well for me and I encourage anyone to look into them.


"Endgames 1: Fundamentals" by Karsten Mueller

 Until I got this DVD endgame study was the most horrible part of chess. Endgame books put me to sleep, and I learned nothing from them. I don't think I am alone in this. 

Anyone who has trouble learning endgames from a book should pick up Karsten's chessbase DVDs. All the essential endgame information is given in an easy to digest lecture format. Karsten has a dry wit and evident love of the material that really makes watching his videos enjoyable. Some reviewers have criticized his presentation style as overly dry but personally I find him to be very funny in a german monty python sort of way. 

In this DVD he covers the basics of mating, pawn endgames, bishop endgames, knight endgames, bishop vs. knight endgames, and queen vs. pawn endgames. I highly recommend this DVD to anyone sick of passing out trying to read pandolfini's endgame course.


"Endgames 2: Rook Endgames" by Karsten Mueller

All that can be said about the previous DVD can be said about this one. The only difference is that this DVD deals exclusively with rook endgames. Rook endgames and pawn endgames are in my opinon the most important ones to learn. I suggest you learn the material on this DVD well as it will definitely pay off. 


more reviews later!