Jan 17, 2008, 8:41 AM |

It has been about 2 years since I learned chess and began playing with regularity. I've been studying chess in a very relaxed manner since then. I do some tactics everyday from the book "Combination Challenge!" by Hays and Hall, and sometimes look over a master game or two. My rating on fluctuates between 1600-1650, and I have no OTB rating as of yet. I play blitz on FICS as knighteric and my rating stays around 1300 there most of the time.


I went around town yesterday to find clubs in Toronto. What a sad state our chess community is in! I went to a club I thought was the best in the city only to find it had closed down. I talked to some people in a games book store about local clubs and the sort of answers I got were "there used to be one but it closed"..."they sometimes have one here but I'm not sure"...etc...


I managed to get some numbers for organizers, and I came upon a pamphlet for "adult chess club" with an email on it. I sent that person an email and I await a response. I really want a place to practice my OTB chess between tournaments, but it seems clubs in these parts are slim pickings.


More to follow