The Great White Debate

Feb 26, 2008, 10:50 PM |

I used to play 1.e4 as white (when I was first learning)


After I discovered that learning opening theory is hard work I switched to 1.c4 and have been playing it ever since. Now, as I've been playing in tournaments I have discovered the need for a more aggressive opening repertoire as white. So, I am slowly going to built up a repertoire with the white pieces around 1.e4 and start practicing in my correspondence games on redhotpawn and here at


There's nothing really wrong with 1.c4....but I'm finding that its a little too easy to equalize against as black as it's not terribly aggressive by nature. I'll still be playing the english mostly but I sense the need to take the plunge and start learning some serious theory.


So far my repertoire is looking like this.

Against 1...e5

Scotch game (mieses variation) against 2..Nc6

I have no idea what to play against the petroff

Against 1...c5

I WANT to play the open but the theory is very scary so I might start with the grand prix attack.


Advanced variation against the caro kann.

I play the french as black so that will be easy, but I need something against the winawer.

Against the pirc/modern I'll play the 150 attack.

I have no clue what to do against the scandinavian.