Jan 17, 2008, 8:19 AM |
Well I have decided to write, although I have come to realize no on really writes much on Chess.com.  Oh well. 
I just wanted to say that YAY!!! I have been told that I am improving.  I may lose my game (s), but at least it has been quite a number of moves since I lost a peice.  And I have learned the value of the peices and trading.  So we will see what happens.  But I have improved slightly, only after 5 months! Tongue out I am glad my teacher has been patient with me, because I like chess.  And I don't want to quit playing, just because I am no good. 
Oh, and another thing... since my points are dwindling badly because of the games I choose to play against people who are obviously far better than I; and this leaves me with far fewer challengers... please submit a challenge with no points involved if you wish to play me.  This would be greatly appreciated... because well I am NOT GOOD at CHESS!  So if your playing me just to rack up your own points I will decline a game.  When I have become better and/or the playing field is a little bit more level I will agree to play for points.  Thanks.