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Raising Awareness of time control manipulations by members of the chess.com site:

Jul 6, 2015, 1:35 AM 18

Good day to all. I have a mind to tell everyone here who may not seem to know me that well is that one thing and I am as a chess playing member of this site (and I am going to make it known as clearly and specifically as I possibly can) is that I love this board game we know called chess. I do not cheat at it and since I also have played nearly 20,000 bullet games. My record speaks for itself. I play every one minute time control game making my moves one mouse click at a time. Even with premoving. I have honestly accused many others of cheating the time clocks somehow like they are some kind of chess.com time wizard, but caught flack for acting as though I am some kind of chess.com vigilante because I have a personal code and I do my absolute best to live by that code so that it can never be said that I am some kind of self righteous hypocrite of chess. Either be a part of the solution of keeping some kind of personal code of conduct as a positive minded sportsman and ambassador of chess. Showing the proper respect for the game by showing that same respect for the other players. Or be part of the problem as to why it seems there are members of this site manipulating the time controls like the game of chess is able to have its honor cheapened because of those who are able to win games by cheating other members and being able to look as though they are "overnight success" types. For peace of mind and assurance that I speak honestly of my experience trying to improve my own rating score doing it with a real honest effort of wanting to improve every aspect of my future prospects as a professional, I will be establishing my own system of detecting "alleged" time cheaters. Chess.com has their own system in place based on their >2500 program and I will be implementing my own program very soon. Now, if anyone else on this site who has ever played against me has ever at anytime believed or thought on their first gut instinct that I won any game due to time manipulation on my part, then I assure you that I have never at any time made any intention to do so. I will not say that I apologize for it if it was what you may have honestly believed. What I am saying is that simply, I am doing what I believe is my own way of clearing the air of any kind of mental fog due to any confusions. It seems the moral I am conveying is that when history is about to be written by the way one lives out their life experience, that person should have one reason to do so... to leave the best legacy they are able to before they go to sleep for the last time as a mortal human being. You can be assured also that if I believe I have wronged anyone after I have had it brought to my attention and been given time to think about it, then I make sure I am able to reasonably see how I could have handled that situation and I will apologize and ask for forgiveness. So, with that said, I want everyone to remember that I am willingly stating that I do not make any attempts to cheat at this game in any way shape or manner. I truly believe there are members of the site that have software programs that potentially give them the ability to manipulate the time clocks, so they are able to win games any way they possibly can. I would like to truly believe that I need to have an attitude of giving the benefit of the doubt for this and for that and everything else, but thats such a waste of time and energy which only causes evil to take root. I would not jeopardize my character as a human being in order to get into professional chess as a competitor like I am some kind of puppet either. I truly have aspirations to compete professionally, but its not worth it enough for me to lose my soul in the process. So, in closing, to everyone I have truly accused of being a time cheater, I still do not apologize either. Deal with it.

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