New Year, Stronger Chess

Jan 26, 2013, 6:52 PM |

Resolutions flood the minds of the hopefuls each new year. As my love for Caissa has been elevated to a new height (plus an issue on my age), I now resolve that my real effort in improving my chess should be done ASAP. 

Currently I'm a weak player. I frequently stumble in the middle games and always fail in endgames. Each time, my calculation isn't that deep yet. I really have to make an action to correct these  weaknesses that I have lest I stay in the plateau of failure.

Immediately my plan include:

1. Play much often. provides this opportunity.

2. Minimize blunder. This usually peppers my game especially in the complex position. What should I do to sharpen my tactical eye against common blunders?

3. Get professional coaching service. I'll sign up for Attila Turzo's. His message in my inbox was godsend.

4. Will systematize/organize my training. Endgames during weekday nights (2 hours), online games and opening studies every weekends. Will try to research how to analyze my games too, just like Dr Cris Angel  (

5. Will really read the books I amassed for years!

6. Will memorize 30 miniatures.

7. Will update this post once concrete improvement is gained in my play.

This is all for now. I hope that my play will improve this year.