Training With Attila: Done

On my first post, I mentioned all the things I needed to accomplish this year to "upgrade" my chess playing strength. 

So happy to accomplish my number 4 goal today: Getting assistance from a professional chess coach in the name of Attila.

It was a nice chat; we easily get comfortable with each other. We discussed my chess history  then my immediate and long term goal. Finally, we go over one of my recent games where he provided feedback.

The real value of this experience is that he gave me an indepth notes of our conversation with suggestions on how I should structure my personal training, types of books to read and the how I should manage my time doing all this.

Will regularly update this post to see how will this go.


  • 4 years ago


    I met with Attila this week for the first time and he is great. I can't wait to start getting more disciplined in my study habits. Best success in moving up the rating ladder! 

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