My Complete Online Game 3

Dec 9, 2011, 5:20 PM |

I must confess that I feel attracted to this particular opening because it might allow me to trade queens fast or to use my queen later in the game.

Tha first lesson I had was to try not to use the queen earlier, but then I  started to see that afterwards it got stuck in the back ranks or was just defending.

At least, most of the games I played or was when playing in downtown was comfortable (there were tables and after the government office needed to take away the tables, the lighting in the benches was really good, but now there is poor lighting and we can't borrow the tables), were either Ruy Lopez or Italian game, and then there were also d4...d5 openings, so this opening was a good exercise for me to play without queens, however, the fear of facing a more experienced player online made me try to keep my queen for further use. Anyway, I hope you can learn what not to do with this opening, because, if you like open games, this is a nice choice if you know how to play it.


I made a mistake in this one, but the pressure the queen represents for some people helped me though this one, i didn't see a mating move, did you?