Jan 29, 2012, 9:31 PM |
Great Endgame Play



Give me an endgame to remember and the trophy is yours!!!

If you defeat me in an even material endgame part (move 45 and material disadvantage does not exceed a 3-4 pawn distance) you will win the trophy. 

these are the rules:

  1. I will accept this type of challenges until february 8, if you read this afterwards, I'm sorry.
  2. One challenge per user.
  3. Your rating must be higher than the one stated as the average of my opponents (1385). I accept if it's some 40 points lower.
  4. The time control must be higher than 7 days, so there won't be any pressure if you need to do something else.
  5. You get to choose if you want a rated or an unrated game, but I'll refuse a takeback one. Also, if you want a specific opening line, feel free to do it.
  6. I play random color, so do you.
  7. The game name should not be Let's play! and must have a reference to the trophy, this way I can tell the difference between games and respect these laws.


Click here to make your Challenge

If the link doesn't work , please let me know